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28 August 2016 @ 12:12 pm
I'm back!!! So its been a while, i have been in between jobs and studying for a license exam. All of which are awful, but in all of this mess arashi has still kept me going strong. When things get ugly they still motivate me. Which is good you know we all need something. With that I shall continue to write here when I get a chance!
14 September 2014 @ 03:38 pm

Today is 5x15! Yai and I can't even say all the feels I have. I'm so grateful to arashi because they have proven that they are not just a group but a family even to us fans. I'm gonna share something personal my dad passed away last December a week before Christmas and while everyone would tell me it's ok I wouldn't listen but arashi with there music and dorkiness helped me get through one of the most difficult times in my life. So far I have seen nothing but kindness from these 5 people. I hope it continues for a long long time and as long as it does I will be there.

26 January 2014 @ 03:09 pm
Hello everyone today I bring my ChocoJun Rant for those fans who continue to think Arashi and its members are private property!
Please read at your own risk!

First MatsuJun or ChocoJun (which ever you prefer)  is 30 years old he is not a baby he can do whatever type of scenes he wants.  Second  us as fans should support his decision to do the work he chooses. After all Jun is known for choosing his roles carefully.  So he must of thought of this before taking the job. Respect his decision! Thirdly lets all remember he is a human being and we don't own him or any of the members they are not yours or my property they have a life.  So let them do as they please.  And finally fourth enjoy the scenes of our beautiful jun without a shirt on and doing scenes with who ever it is in the drama (pretend its you if you must).  So with that continue to support Matsujun, J, Chocojun, AtsuJun, in the drama watch it and enjoy this new refreshing, sexy, chocolate indulging drama!!!

Second  I think I might be getting fat from all the chocolate I have been eating!!!! Seriously I need to go on a diet!!! Yai another drama is coming up with NINO while he is not my favorite member as long as its arashi related I will watch!!! Which makes me think another single (praying silently)  i will save money now!!!!

Oh Happy Birthday Sho!!!! He is 32 but god he is still very sexy!!!!  
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10 September 2013 @ 08:16 am
Ok so yesterday I found out that arashi's next album is titled "LOVE" they went from popcorn to love which is set to release on October 23, 2013.  Like a crazy fan girl yesterday I looked for like 10 minutes then realized I had to work so I went to sleep.  To no surprise the LE was sold out but I bought the RE anyways since I live in the states I cant see the MV that comes with the LE.  Which by the way is said to be a sexy mv (excited!!!!) its called P.A.R.A.D.O.X.  so of course I'm at work earning the money that it I will spend on it.  So if you haven't order do like always arashi items are in high demand and sell out fast. 
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29 August 2013 @ 09:00 am
Does everyone know what today is? (in Japan that is)  Its MATSUJUNS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! how crazy is it that the baby in arashi is 30 years old i can hardly believe it. But this is not a problem because they all still look great.  And it seems to me that they only get better with age. So here it is my usually birthday letter to the members birthday.  Which they probably will never read but nonetheless it should be written!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Matsumoto, J, Matsujun, jun-kun (dont know which one to use),

First let me say Happy Birthday!!!!!! It is a very important day because thanks to the fact you were born arashi is a complete set of perfectness.  It is not normal for me to say such a thing since I tend to be a bit critical and toooo honest for my own good.  And no this is not an understatement for someone like me who had never had a favorite song, band, actor, or anything other than a favorite color this means a lot.

My love for arashi only began a couple of years ago but it was all thanks too the egoistic, self-centered, overprotective role of domyouji that I saw the light of Jpop, idols, japan and of course you.  As i began to learn more about arashi the more i realized that people didnt always see who you really are but saw that of the character.

I cant say i know that either but I know that deep down your a goofy, dumb, honest, very sensitive (24hr tv has shown this), perfectionist who contributes to many things.  I only wish for your continued success and that of arashi's.  Know that I will always support you, your decisions, and that of the other members.  Hope that this year brings a higher amount of success for both you and the rest of the group.  Not only this year but for many years to come.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with love, Arashilover21

So with this i finish this post.  If you dont want to read it dont this is just me being a fan.  No need for anyone else to feel the same (If you do awesome).  I just ask you all respect my feelings and posts like i do yours!  And for everyone who shares a birthday with Matsujun HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! If your birthday was this month (like mine was on sunday)  Happy birthday to you tooo!!!!!! Yes I had an awesome birthday filled with arashi goodness no I didnt cry this year with the birthday cake like i did last year.

Just clear this up last year my family surprised me with a MatsuJun cake yes his face was on my birthday cake!!!!!!! I was not expecting it I cried in front of everyone at the party I had no idea my family even knew who MatsuJun or arashi was.  Lets say last year was an unforgettable year as im sure this year will be as well.
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01 August 2013 @ 10:28 am

It's finally August my 2nd favorite month of the year. First it will be my birthday that's always exciting but for 5 days my age gap with MatsuJun is shorted instead of 8 it's 7!!! Years, or something like that the thing is its shorter and closer.

In addition I have already got the best birthday present planned out for me. The Arafes t-shirt!!!! It is really pretty this year and that is all I'm asking for my birthday. Plus I see it as a gift from MatsuJun and arashi to me since they were involved in someway and I will get it. An undirected directed present! (Girl daydreaming here) like that's any different.

Another good news is the new drama jun will be starting in for NHK which will start airing on September 23 (my sisters birthday) he will be co-staring with eikura nana.

He plays a photographer who wanted to be a teacher and he rediscovers it when he goes to his old hometown. He drama was inspired by furusato the song arashi has been song at the kohaku for the past 3 years. It seems to be promising as he will also be playing the piano excited to see that. The drama is called "hajimari no uta" make sure you see it!!!!

Well that's my rambling for the day! Mmm I wonder if there will be a new single for the drama or if they will use furusato?! So many questions!

11 July 2013 @ 10:18 am
With the new job Ive been out of it but apparently not enough to stay rich.  I have ordered both the 24 hour television t shirt in blue i might add influenced by that picture of Matsujun you which one were there all wearing the 24 hr tv shirt.  Plus the fact that yellow washes me out and that white makes me look way more pale than I already am.  In addition I also order the 24hr baseball cap, which of recently i have become a great fan of hats.  This since i work all day 5 days a week and have to "dress properly"  on the weekends I enjoy being lazy thank you very much.

I also watched the music day show which was pretty awesome well at least I enjoyed it.  My favorite of course was the One love and the the johnny's medley performance.  I love it when they work as a team.  They all looked great of course!!!  Now I'm ready to be broke until December. With the purchase of Arafes goods which i will be buying the t-shirt and one other item i have yet to decide. I think it will be the cup and ice tray i think!!! The new album of course is on the list.  And then there's the concert in November!!!! Yup its early Christmas for me!!!

So that is all for now I am looking forward to next month as it is my birthday and then 5 days later Matsujun's let the love and happiness begin!!!
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18 June 2013 @ 02:42 pm
So yesterday I tried to post my birthday letter to Nino but wouldnt you know it the computer froze and my whole entry was deleted!!!! AhHHHH right?

I will post it anyways even though it is late!!! I cannot move forward to the next one without it.  Which by the way is mine and then MatsuJuns.  Were only 5 days apart AMAZING!!!  Ok so here it is nino's hope he would read birthday letter!!!!

Dear Nino,

There are many things that over the last year I have come to notice.  First is that even though you look 17 ( i look 16 so not a problem) you are responsible and you dont care if you have a six pack or not!!! Even though you play video games non-stop it shows how commited you are to things.  Whether that be singing, acting, or playing around.  Commitment is commitment.

That type of person is not easy to come by.  In addition although I think that you you are the most mysterious member in the group at times sarastic but always apologizes for when the other members (specially Ohno) are being mean or rude to someone!!!  Being able to sing amazing love songs at all concerts that make everyone AWWW even if you are not the favorite member.

I want to wish you great happiness this year and even though im a little scared by the fact that the fortune teller told you you would find the love of your life in 2012 is yet to be known.  If it is true i hope that it is with a non celebrity so that they can be there for you whenever you need them.  Stay well and continue to take care of your health an all the arashi members.

Arashilover 21

i had to cut it short since i cant remember all the heartfelt letter that was deleted yesterday!!!
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04 June 2013 @ 04:43 pm

I got home today to find my 嵐 cd had arrived!!!! It is a great mood maker the extra cost in shipping is definitely worth it!!!

Now off to memorize the whole cd!!!

27 May 2013 @ 11:11 am
Finally, I saw the full Endless Game music video.  Its a good music video I like that all the members get their little solos.  I gotta say I love the suits.  They all look great I tend to incorporate suits with suceess and it definately suits arashi among those terms.  Were only a day away from the release and I do hope that they do good in sales.  I doubt that it will do as good as callingxbreathless but they could surprise us.

On a side note on the day of the release is also my first day of work so its a big day for both arashi and myself.  Excited yes, but also sad that I can no longer sleep in. 
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